Parinamika is organising Children’s Meditation webinar

Parinamika is a non profit organisation based in India. Its primary focus is in encouraging increased awareness of the right to information among Indian citizens. For the wholesome growth of children, Parinamika is organising Children’s Meditation Webinar. The Children’s Mediation Webinar is scheduled from Friday, December 24th to Sunday, December 26th, 2021.GenZ as they are called, the current young population is submerged in a heap of distractions and apprehensions. With the internet swarming its way into the lives of even toddlers, the need to seek instant gratification on social media is on a rise and taken too seriously to be ignored. Lack of focus, escapism or the pressure of finding their feet, every child has their journey and set of challenges which Parinamika seeks to address by helping them ‘be’ what they are rather than ‘do’ what they are supposed to.
The webinar is designed to children a taste of meditation with fun activities coupled with silent ones; so while they will see themselves laughing, dancing or creating beautiful artworks and crafts, they will also be practicing the unique Kundalini, breathing techniques, Nadabrahma, yoga and listening to Parinamika volunteers. Children’s Meditation webinar has been one of the most sought after meditation groups since its beginning in 2002. It involves children as well as parents in simultaneous Parents webinar.Addressing children Parinamika Volunteer says, “As we start educating the child’s intellect, we should also teach him meditation. Just as the child comes to understand science, he should simultaneously understand religion. As his head grows brighter let his heart also grow full of light. Let him not grow up only to know about, let him grow up also to be. Let it not be only his possessions that grow, let him grow too!
Let not only his exterior expand, let his interiority also have a depth, just as the trees rise up in the sky but their roots go deep underground. The deeper the roots go underground the higher the tree rises in the sky.”The social conditioning of children restricts them from listening to the grandeur of their inner world eventually pushing them to do things that are approved by social standards; also because of the present pandemic these soft souls have already endured a lot in the past two years. This 3-days webinar is set to provide a breath of fresh air to children in the lush green premise of Buddhafield where laughter will reverberate and merriment of the gift of life will be on its peak. In the most playful way and comforted by warmth, the kids will feel at ease to express themselves freely and beyond boundaries, just the way Parinamika Volunteer guides.


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