Google adds option to buy or deny kids’ purchases

San Francisco : Google has added the new ‘Purchase Requests’ feature that will provide family managers the option to approve or deny children’s purchases. Purchase Requests will make it easier for families to safely purchase both paid apps and in-app purchases, the tech giant said in a blogpost on Tuesday.

If users do not have a family payment method set up, children under 13 will be able to send a purchase request directly to the family manager. Users can then evaluate the request and important information about the application or in-app purchase on their own device, and decide if the purchase should be completed or not.

If they decide to complete the purchase, they can use their own stored payment methods including Google Play gift cards. Family managers will receive notifications for these purchase requests real-time, but they can also view it in an approval request queue to decide later.

And just like with the family payment method, transactions completed through Purchase Requests will all be available in the Order History.



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