To get freedom to the country, the flame blazed of revolution start from from the holy land of Ambala : Anil Vij

Ambala : Haryana Home and Health Minister Anil Vij said that the land of Ambala is a holy land and it was from here that the flame blazed to get freedom, only after that the country got freedom and today we can breathe in a freedom country.

Sh. Vij was addressing the gathering after the staging of “Dastan-e-Ambala” at the Open Air Theater of Ambala Cantonment Subhash Park last evening. He applauded the actors of the drama and said that the actors in the drama have brought it alive by acting brilliantly, in which how the flame of revolution blazed from the Ambala Cantonment in 1857 has been fully depicted.

He urged that the play should be performed all over Haryana so that people could know how the 1857 revolution started from Ambala. The Home Minister said that the actors of the drama have performed well and he expresses gratitude to the actors on behalf of all the people of Ambala Cantonment.

Home Minister Anil Vij said that the staging of the play Ambala-e-Dastan will continue till December 8. The play also has history related to Ambala military area, so the play will be staged only for military officers, jawans and their families on Thursday, on the last day.

*The flame of revolution blazed from Ambala Cantonment 9 hours before Meerut: Anil Vij*
While addressing the people, Home Minister Anil Vij said that the drama of “Dastan-e-Ambala” has been staged here today, in which it has been shown that the freedom struggle in India was born from Ambala Cantonment and the flame of freedom rose from Ambala Cantonment.

He congratulates all the actors who have acted in the staging of this play. Everyone acted in the best way and what was the role of all Ambala at that time and how the first war of independence from Ambala started from the 60th Native Infantry located in Ambala Cantonment, 9 hours before Meerut, it has been fully described, he said.

Sh. Vij said that even today there is a bridge of Kali Platoon in Ambala Cantonment and on the other side of that bridge was the Native Infantry Unit and on the other side of the bridge was the European Line.

He added that the Native Infantry declared war against the British rule by taking arms at 9 am on May 10 and at 12 o’clock the 5th Native Infantry declared war also. On Sunday, all the Englishmen used to go to church and the plan was made that if all the Englishmen gathered in the church, they would be killed and marched towards Delhi.

However, the British were alerted by a constable Shyam Singh telling the plan to the Britishers. But, when the Indian soldiers came out of the barracks with weapons, the movement started and after that war was fought in Meerut and other parts of the country including other cities of Haryana.

Home Minister Anil Vij said that the freedom struggle was fully planned in 1857 and historians believe that it was planned from Ambala Cantonment, although from March 26, the homes and offices of all those who were an obstacle in this struggle, had started handing over to the fire.

*Shahid Smarak being dedicated to the martyrs of 1857 revolution at a cost of Rs 400 crore*
Home Minister Anil Vij said that GT Road, a Shahid Smarak dedicated to the first war of independence, is being built at a cost of 400 crores. Jange-e-Azadi will be shown in different mediums in the memorial.

In the first part, the flame of revolution in Ambala Cantonment, in the second part of Haryana and in the third part, the revolution of 1857 will be displayed in different ways throughout the country.

We were taught that Congress fought for freedom, but Congress was born in 1885, but 28 years before that people fought in 1857, but they were never remembered. But today many names were mentioned in the staging of the play, he asserted.

*Committee of 6 prominent historians formed to display history in Shaheed Smarak: Anil Vij*
Home Minister Anil Vij said that to know all this, we have formed a committee of 6 prominent historians of India, in which 2 historians of Ambala including Prof. UV Singh and Tejinder Singh Walia have been included, who will display each fact in the Smarak.

He emphasised that Bread and lotus flower were important in the revolution of 1857 and a 70 feet high lotus flower will be made in the Smarak. He said that 85 percent civil work has been completed in the Shaheed Smarak while tenders for art work will be held soon. We hope that the companies making big museums of India will work in the Smarak, he added.

*I fight to build a Shaheed Smarak for 20 years, approval was given as soon as our government came: Anil Vij*
Anil Vij said that he has been fighting for the construction of Smarak for 20 years and since 2000 he has been continuously raising this demand in the Vidhan Sabha. As soon as our government came, Chief Minister Manohar Lal immediately approved to make it in Ambala Cantonment.

On this occasion, Ambala DC Dr. Priyanka Soni, SP Jashnadeep Singh Randhawa, Dr. Kuldeep Saini, Additional Director of Information, Public Relations and Languages Department, Municipal Council Administrator Dinesh Kumar, Director of Drama Manish Joshi, BJP Mandal President Rajeev Dimple, Kiranpal Chauhan and Ajay Parashar were also present.



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