Google redesigns Knowledge Panels to get large desktop grid

San Francisco : Google has redesigned the Knowledge Panel to get a large desktop grip as it will make it “easier to explore a topic by highlighting the most relevant and useful information” when searching. Knowledge Panels are information boxes that appear on Google when users search for entities (people, places, organisations, things) that are in the Knowledge Graph.

They are intended to provide a quick snapshot of information on a topic based on Google’s understanding of available web content. According to 9to5Google, these highlights will take the form of cards arranged in a grid layout.

The report said that there is now a large Knowledge Panel grid that starts with images and highlights things like age, spouse, and social media account. Moreover, athletes might also get cards for height, net worth, and recent recap videos.

Google has yet to fully implement this new card redesign across all Knowledge Panel categories, or even across all results within a single category, according to the report. Besides information, Google will also highlight “content from creators on the open web”.

Last week, Google started to roll out passkey support in Chrome with the Stable M108 version, for better safety. The tech giant also started to roll out new memory and energy-saving modes to its web browser ‘Chrome’ on desktop.



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