Bilawal Bhutto has lost his mental balance” : Home Minister Anil Vij

Ambala : Haryana Home and Health Minister Sh. Anil Vij said that “Bilawal Bhutto has lost his mental balance. He said that today bad situation in Pakistan where people are dying due to hunger and the country is running terrorism factories, if the minister of that country uses indecent language against Prime Minister Sh. Narendra Modi, then naturally his mental balance has disturbed”.

Sh. Vij said this while talking to media persons today.
He also said that “Chanakya has said in one of his shlokas that when a man loses or starts losing, he loses his balance of mind, then Bilawal Bhutto has lost his balance of mind, the bad situation in Pakistan today and running the factories of terrorism, where people are dying due to hunger, now if the leader and minister of that country says such a thing, then it is natural that their balance has been disturbed.

*”Opposition speaks the language of China and Pakistan”- Vij*
In response to a question regarding Rahul Gandhi’s statement that ‘China is preparing for war, the government is not ready to accept’, Sh. Vij said that “our forces are firmly standing on the border, our forces have been thrown out the china’s army, everyone has seen on television, but India’s opposition is raising this issue again and again.

He said that “now the army should answer them first or answer the enemy who is across the border”. Sh. Vij said that “That’s why those who call themselves the so-called leaders of the country, they speak the language of China, when we have a fight with Pakistan, they speak the language of Pakistan”.

*”We have full faith and confidence in our army” – Vij*
He said that “we should have full pride and faith in our army. Many things of the army cannot be made public; these are the principles of war. They cannot be told, the army has to be trusted, and we have full faith and trust in our army.

Sh. Vij said that “we will tell the army that you deal with the enemies from across the border, we will deal with the enemies sitting inside the border”. He said that the strength of our army is increasing and it is also a good thing that a war plane like Rafale, which has high firepower, has arrived in our country.

*”Rahul Gandhi cannot be compared with the Prime Minister” – Vij*
In response to a question regarding Rahul Gandhi’s Bharat Jodo Yatra, Sh. Vij said, “I think for the first time in life, Rahul Gandhi is traveling on foot, he was born with a golden spoon, our Prime Minister has spent his nights at the railway station and selling tea there, there is no comparison between Rahul Gandhi and the Prime Minister.

*”The case of death due to consumption of spurious liquor in Bihar, Bihar ministers are hiding their weakness and inefficiency”- Vij*
Regarding the statement given by the Deputy Chief Minister of Bihar regarding the deaths due to consumption of spurious liquor in Bihar that this liquor is coming from Haryana and UP, Sh. Vij said that “It is the practice of some leaders to project their weaknesses on others”.

It happens, you have banned liquor there, if liquor of any state is there, and should not enter, it is your responsibility to stop it, you are hiding your weakness and inefficiency, he added.
*”The issue of one MLA- one Pension is worth considering, high level should be considered”- Vij*

In response to a question regarding One MLA-One Pension in Punjab, which has been challenged in the High Court, Sh. Vij said that “this is a matter of considerable concern and should be considered at the higher level”.

He said that “parties in which there is open loot, even if one is not given to them, their work is done, but the parties and the governments which are working properly, whether to give or not to give, It should be considered.

*”People’s faith in Janata Darbar is increasing”- Vij*
In response to a question asked about the Janata Darbar, he said that “people’s trust is increasing, and whoever comes to us from any department, we try to solve his problem”. Regarding the investigation, he said that “complaints which are sent by me should be given priority, and we keep a close watch on it, how many problems have been resolved and how many problems have been left pending”.

Sh. Vij said that “it was also seen that the officer against whom the complaint comes, it goes back to him again and he harasses more. I have already ordered that the application that I send should not be investigated by an officer below the rank of DSP and the DSP of the zone or police station in which the case is, should not be investigated by the DSP of that police station or zone, another police station or Should be from the DSP of the other zone.

He said that “but these orders are being violated at many places, so today I will write about it again”. In response to the question asked regarding the change of officer in the investigation, he said that “it is the right of every person that if he is not satisfied, then we will get the investigation done from some other district”.



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