Chinmay Sharma broke 4 Guinness World records

New Delhi: A lot has changed in martial arts in India lately, and Chinmay Sharma has contributed to all these changes.Chinmay Sharma has recently broken 4 Guinness World records within 1.5 years.

Chinmay Sharma is black belt in Tang soo do (Korean Karate) and he has broken the record of renowned Pakistani martial art player Mohammad Rashid, and not even once but thrice.

Chinmay Sharma has made four world records in elbow strikes and he has taken the entire category of elbow strikes under his name and made India proud.

Like elbows strikes in 1 minute, 3 minutes, double hand, single hand, and all the records of elbow strikes has been achieved by the Indian player Chinmay Sharma and he has done this within 2 years.

His goal is to make as many records as he can under the name of India as the youngest martial artist player and to be the fastest martial artist on this planet.


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