Suggestions from traders to be used while overcoming the problems in the business sector- Manish Sisodia

When 'AAP' government is formed in Punjab, we will bring development like Delhi- Manish Sisodia

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Sri Fatehgarh Sahib/Amloh : Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) Senior Leader and Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi Manish Sisodia interacted with manufacturers, traders, transporters, and shopkeepers at the ‘Manish Sisodia’s conversation with traders and businessmen’ program organized in the assembly constituency of Amloh and Fatehgarh Sahib’s industrial area Mandi/Gobindgarh on Friday. All the businesspersons, industrialists, manufacturers, and others, shared their views and discussed the problems they had been facing for years with Manish Sisodia. Manish Sisodia told the traders-businessmen, industrialists, shopkeepers, traders, and transporters of Mandi-Gobindgarh and Fatehgarh that they already know the solutions to the problems of the business world, but the one thing they need right now is a government that listens to them so that their suggestions are implemented and the industry can progress faster. He said, “After the formation of the AAP government in Punjab, first of all, the “Red Raj” will be brought to an end so that businessmen are not harassed and facilities will be provided.

Like Delhi, political interference will also be stopped in Punjab. Sisodia said that the AAP government has done it in Delhi and will do it in Punjab too. Earlier, Manish Sisodia also bowed down at Gurdwara Sri Fatehgarh Sahib and prayed for the progress and rising art of Punjab.”Manish Sisodia told the traders-businessmen, industrialists, manufacturers, and traders, “when given a chance, the AAP will create a Delhi-like business environment in Punjab. He said that AAP does not have a full-fledged government in Delhi, only one-third government, yet AAP has done exemplary work in Delhi. But Punjab is a full-fledged state, here we will get the opportunity to do even better work.”Manish Sisodia said, “In the year 2015, the business world in Delhi too was facing many problems. But Arvind Kejriwal’s government held meetings with traders-businessmen and industrialists and others constantly. Then, immediately the “Red Raj” was put to an end so that the business owners could concentrate on their businesses. After this, business owners, industrialists, and others raised the demand for reducing the tax. But the government and private tax experts said that it would be difficult to run the government after the tax reductions.

But Arvind Kejriwal, being well versed in tax, was the first to reduce the tax from 12 and a half percent to 5 percent only on timber in the year 2015. As a result, in the year 2016, the government got one percent additional tax as compared to the previous year. After this, in the year 2016, the tax on 44 products combined was reduced from 12 and a half percent to 5 percent. Due to this, the budget of the Delhi government increased by 10 thousand crores in the year 2017. In just two years the budget increased from 30 thousand crores to 40 thousand crores and in 5 years the same budget has increased from 30 thousand crores to 60 thousand crores.Manish Sisodia assured the traders-businessmen, manufacturers, industrialists, and shopkeepers that GST will also be facilitated. He said, “GST Sport Committees have been formed in Delhi and he personally has been raising the issue of the business world in the GST Council after talking to them. After the formation of the AAP government in Punjab, a conducive atmosphere will be developed in the state because of the AAP’s business outlook.”Raman Mittal, in charge of State Trade Wing, Anil Thakur, Co-in-charge of State Trade Wing, Halka incharge Amloh Gary Vading, and Fatehgarh Sahib Incharge Lakhbir Singh Rai were present at this occasion.



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