We should come forward to help the society through which we can build an atmosphere of social harmony in our country : Avinash Rai khanna

Shimla : BJP State incharge and vice Chairman National Red cross society Avinash Rai khanna attended a programme organised by Dr Shyama Prasad Mukherjee chair (peeth) and Five Year Institute of Legal Studies in Himachal Pradesh University. Speaking on the topic Ethics, Values ​​and Fundamental Duties Avinash Rai khanna said that if we talk about and understand our fundamental duties of our constitution, the whole chapter can be summed up in short words.

He said that when I was chairman of human rights commission in Punjab there was a lot of complaints against the police department but later when I took out awareness drives all over the country, the complaints against the police department dropped but complaints against various departments shot up.Thus it is very important to run awareness programmes for various schemes and departments.

Khanna gave a lot of examples about Ethics, Values ​​and Fundamental Duties by which Students and teachers attending this function grasped the topic.He said our countries history has a lot of examples that shows what our fundamental duties are, we need to introspect the same. Our country is a great country and our land is known for sacrifice of many outstanding personalities.

He related a story of Bhai Kanhaiya Lal and Guru Gobind Singh which established the duties of humans for the society.He said that red cross is also a wonderful platform to sever the society and we have helped a million children and adults fighting major challenges in their lives. He said it is very easy to give advice to people but it is very difficult to help them in time of need.

We should come forward to help the society through which we can build an atmosphere of social harmony in our country.Our Prime minister Narendra Modi also works on the same formula of knitting the society with small gestures of helping the society under various central scheme.He suggested that publicity of fundamental duties should be done on a large scale.Vice chancellor Sat Prakash Bansal was the chief guest in this function.



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