Where science ends, spirituality begins: Experts

Chandigarh : We are Limited by our knowledge. The universe has no limitation. Great intiavite for the society to know about existence of God and real definition of Spirituality by launching website, The lost Garden by the International NGO.

This steps helps to find out Answer which are unrevealed from past many decades said by the Davinder Kaur(USA) and Sukhvir Singh.Today’s there is need for this kind of step because youngster are in delimma to believe God creations or Science theory for every aspects of life.

Our religion have each and every answer of all the question that we search on google site. Need is just to beleive and faith it.Instead Of Google, You will able to clear your all Doubts and Question related to Life, Universe, Spirituality etc on the website, The Lost Garden.

It is proven that spirituality begins where science ends.spirituality explain what scientists have no ways of measuring or explaining. When science can explain a phenomenon it is labelled as an anomaly. Other call it a miracle.

You are able to find 12 questions, that every common man face in their day to Day life
So we are here with few answers of everyone’s question that you can find in the website:-
1. What is time : time is the shadow of our existence
2.what is love : love is the feeling
3. How we can detemine the Aadi aur Ant: it can be determined by moment.

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