A Sikh, muslim & hindu set example of brotherhood & communal harmony in district

A muslim visits Hindu temple to invite Sikh MLA for iftaar party

Ludhiana: A Sikh, a muslim and a hindu temple today set an example of brotherhood and communal harmony in Ludhiana. A muslim today visited a Hindu temple to invite a Sikh MLA for iftaar party regarding Eid.Atam Nagar MLA Kulwant Singh Sidhu informed that Adv Abdul Kadir wanted to invite him for the Iftaar party regarding Eid. “I told him that I am visiting Krishna Mandir in Model Town at that time, after which Adv Abdul Kadir reached there,” informed the MLA.He said that upon his arrival in the Mandir, the Mandir committee members honoured him with “Mata Rani Di Chunni”, which Abdul Kadir wore proudly around his neck.


“On one side, where several persons with vested interests are trying to disrupt the hard earned peace & communal harmony of Punjab, but today we have set an example which would not let such vested interests become successful in their hidden agendas,” said MLA Kulwant Singh Sidhu.He said that people from different religions have always lived together for centuries in Punjab. “We all celebrate each other’s festivals with gaiety and would continue to do so,” he said.Advocate Abdul Kadir said that he would always keep valuable “Mata Rani Di Chunni” close to his heart and thanked the Mandir committee for honouring him with it.



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