Sonia Gandhi must clarify her stand on Sunil Jakhar’s anti-dalit remark : AAP

If Jakhar didn’t apologise, will take action under SC/ST act as per the demand of dalit society: Manwinder Singh Giaspura

Chandigarh : Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) targeted Congress national president Sonia Gandhi, former president Rahul Gandhi and general secretary Priyanka Gandhi and questioned their silence over the anti-dalit remarks of former PPCC President Sunil Jakhar. AAP said that Congress high command should clarify their stand on the matter. AAP senior leaders, Manwinder Singh Giaspura, MLA Payal and Rupinder Singh Happy, MLA Bassi Pathana, said that if Congress High Command did not take strict action against Sunil Jakhar, then Punjab government will take action against Sunil Jakhar under SC/ST act as demanded by dalit society.Addressing a press conference at the party headquarters on Friday, MLA Manwinder Singh Giaspura said, “Senior Congress leader Sunil Jakhar has insulted the Dalit community, but instead of taking action, Sonia Gandhi and the Congress High Command is staying silent and encouraging Sunil Jakhar and his anti-dalit mentality.

The silence of the Congress High Command and unrepentant Sunil Jakhar proves that in the eyes of the Congress, the Dalit community has no dignity.” Charanjit Singh Channi was made the Chief Minister, but the mindset of Congress’s national and state leadership is full of hatred towards the Dalit and poor society. Sunil Jakhar has substantiated the same with his words now.AAP MLA Giaspura further said that the Congress was responsible for 1984 sikh massacre and a sikh leader Dr. Manmohan Singh apologised for it when Congress never took the responsibility for it. They are treating this issue similarly so that it will eventually abate.Rupinder Singh Happy, AAP MLA from Bassi Pathana said, “Sunil Jakhar’s statement is against Punjab’s brotherhood and humanity.

The Congress has been taking advantage of dalit vote bank for a long time, but the Congress has regard for their dignity.” He said that despite the complaints of Charanjit Singh Channi and Raj Kumar Verka, Congress High Command has not taken any action against Sunil Jakhar nor has Sunil Jakhar apologized to the Dalit community. MLA Happy said that the statement of Sunil Jakhar had hurt the self-esteem of Dalit community not only in Punjab but in the entire country. The people of Punjab will never accept such an inferior mentality. AAP MLAs said that Sunil Jakhar along with Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi should apologize to the people of Punjab. If the Congress leaders do not apologize, the Punjab government of the Aam Aadmi Party will take action against Sunil Jakhar under the SC / ST Act as demanded by the Dalit community organizations.






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