Mohali should not become a slum instead of Singapore

Mohali : After the creation of Mohali district in 2006, the master plan of Mohali was prepared by a Singaporean company. So that Mohali can be made on the lines of Singapore. But looking at the current situation, it seems that Mohali should not become the Salam of Singapore.

This was said by BJP’s state executive member Sanjeev Vashisht. He said that the Punjab government is talking about making Mohali a world-class city, but looking at the facilities, it seems that it will be difficult for people to live here in the next few years.

He said that there is a lot of problem of electricity, water, rainwater drainage, infrastructure etc. in Mohali. If the government does not pay attention to this aspect, then Mohali will truly become the slum of Singapore.

He said that if the government really wants to make Mohali a world-class city, then first of all the main problems of the city have to be solved on a priority basis.

There is no local transport service in Mohali
Sanjeev Vashisht said that parts of the tricity and cities adjacent to Chandigarh like Mohali do not have local transport facilities. Punjab’s first air-conditioned inter-state bus terminal built at a cost of crores in Phase 6 has been closed for the past several years.

The talk of starting a city bus service in the city has been going on for many years but till date this service has not been available to the people. In the near future when the population will increase in Mohali, the traffic on the roads will also increase. In such a situation only city bus service will prove helpful for people. So the government should focus on starting local transport service in Mohali.

20 years ago the number of electricity workers is less than that now
Vashisht said that two decades ago there were about 2 lakh electricity consumers in Mohali district and in those days Powercom had 570 posts of electricity workers but now after two decades the number of electricity connections and consumers has increased to 5 lakh but currently only 400 employees. are deployed

He said that the result of this is that if there is a fault in the electricity, it takes 15 to 20 hours for the electricity workers to fix it. Till then people have to survive without electricity. Vashisht said that the government should recruit new electricity employees so that everything can be done easily.

He said that when the man power is more, any problem related to electricity will be solved easily and will take less time.
The water pressure is so low that people living on the first floor are also disturbed

Sanjeev Vashisht said that there is a lot of drinking water problem in the city. He said that the situation is that now four storey houses have been built in Mohali but the water pressure is so low that the water is not reaching the first floor of the people.

Because of this, the people of the city have been struggling with the problem of drinking water for a long time. So far the government has completely failed to solve this problem.

There is no such thing as development in colonies
Vashisht said that several villages adjacent to the city, including Balongi, Badh Majra, Jhujhar Nagar, Bahlolpur, Jhampur etc., have many colonies built there. Hundreds of families have also started living there.

But there is no such thing as development. Roads are dilapidated, no rainwater drainage system, no street lights and many other problems. The government needs to pay attention to this aspect as well.



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