Gurpreet Singh @ Gopi the kingpin of Bambiha Group, who is sitting abroad in Spain accomplices arrested along weapons

S.A.S. Nagar : Sh. Vivek Sheel Soni IPS, SSP, SAS Nagar through a press note said that during an operation conducted by Mohali Police against the bad elements and gangsters as per the guidelines issued by Punjab government, under the supervision of Sh. Amandeep Singh Brar, S.P. (Inv.), Sh Gursher Singh Dy.S.P (Inv.), I/C CIA Inspector Shiv Kumar and SHO Gharuan arrested the following gangsters of Bambiha Group on 15.10.2022 and weapon have been recovered from them :

1. FIR No. 22 dated 30.01.2022 U/s 379B IPC, PS Sadar Kharar, SAS Nagar.

Arrested accused : Gurjant Singh @ Janta S/o Randhir Singh R/o Nagalgariyan, PS Sadar Kurali, SAS Nagar

Criminal History :

•30.01.2022 : Gurjant Singh @ Janta along with his accomplices had snatched a Brezza Car in front of Gharuan University on the directions of Gurpreet Singh @ Gopi, who is sitting in Spain and is the leader of Bambiha Group.

•28.07.2022 : Gurjant Singh @ Janta’s accomplice has been arrested along with Brezza Car and 7 Pistols. In this case Gurjant Singh @ Janta was absconding from it.

•29.08.2022 : Gurjant Singh @ Janta along with his accomplice Pargat Singh fired in Nalagarh court, H.P. on the direction of Gurpreet Singh @ Gopi and Bhupinder Singh @ Bhupi Rana for the release of killer’s of Vicky Midhukhera, who belongs to Bambiha Group and fled from their.

•15.10.2022 : Gurjant Singh @ Janta has been arrested and 5 Pistols have been recovered from him as follows :

Recovery :

1. One Pistol 32 Bore
2. One Pistol 32 Bore
3. One Pistol 30 Bore with 2 alive cartridges
4. One Pistol 30 Bore
5. One Pistol 30 Bore with 2 alive cartridges.

2. Fir No: 65 dated 15.10.2022 U/s 25 Arms Act, PS Sadar Kurali, SAS Nagar

Arrested accused :

1. Gurwinder Singh @ Guri S/o Balwinder Singh R/o Village Badali, PS Singh Bhagwantpura, Distt Rupnagar.
2. Gautam Kumar S/o Ramdev R/o Near Sabji Mandi Kurali, PS City Kurali, SAS Nagar.


1. One Pistol 32 Bore with 2 alive cartridges
2. One Pistol 30 Bore with 2 alive cartridges

Place of arrest :

Goslan, PS Sadar Kurali, SAS Nagar.

Criminal History

Gurwinder Singh @ Guri and Gautam Kumar are both associates of Gurjant Singh @ Janta and all of them work for the Bambiha Gang, have earlier extortion cases registered against them, who have already been arrested by CIA Staff Mohali.



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