BJP wanted to lure me with money : Bhagwant Mann

No one can buy me because I am on mission, not on commission: Bhagwant Mann

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Chandigarh: Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) Punjab President and Member of Parliament Bhagwant Mann has revealed that four days ago, a very senior BJP leader had called him and asked him what he would take to join the BJP. He offered directly to either accept money or designation. He even said that once given a nod, Mann will be appointed as cabinet minister with a ministry of his own choice.Bhagwant Mann made the sensational revelation while addressing the media during a press conference at the party office here on Sunday. “I am on a mission, not a commission,” Mann told the BJP leader. My mission is to make Punjab prosperous, peaceful and developed. I don’t care for offers of BJP. ”he said, adding that he had given up his career at its peak to serve Punjab. He has nurtured Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) sapling in Punjab with his blood and sweat for the prosperity of the State and its people.

Bhagwant Mann said, “People of Punjab have faith in him. BJP does not have enough money or positions to buy Mann. In fact, the BJP is trying to buy the trust of the people of Punjab but I will continue to fight for Punjab, Punjabi and Punjabiyat”. Accusing BJP of playing a dirty game of manipulation, intimidation and horse trading, Mann said that BJP might have formed governments in different states by manipulation, but BJP, union government or government agencies can neither buy Bhagwant Mann nor intimidate him.Mann said that “trading is for those who are in the market”, when Bhagwant Mann is not available in the market then who can buy Bhagwant Mann? He said that instead of joining a party like BJP, Bhagwant Mann would like to make a living by having two meals but there was no question of joining BJP.He said that though they are paying the price for facing the tyrants heads on but shall continue to endeavour to hold the esteem of Punjab in high spirits.

Mann said that BJP led Union government is responsible for the deaths of 700 farmers who were protesting at Delhi border peaceful against the draconian farm laws while in Lakhimpur, BJP leader mercilessly killed farmers under his vehicle. For a whole year, the BJP has been abusing the mothers, sisters, uncles, aunts, brothers of the peasant movement and calling them goons, madmen, terrorists. Therefore, the BJP should not even think to buy any AAP office bearer or volunteer, let alone the illusion of buying Bhagwant Mann.AAP MP said that people in Punjab have started hating BJP due to its anti-people policies. The base of BJP was already negligible in Punjab and people from all walks of life including traders, businessmen and urban voters are fed up from BJP and its Prime Minister due to anti-people policies.Responding to the queries about the BJP’s pact with Capt Amarinder Singh and Sukhdev Singh Dhindsa during the press conference, Bhagwant Mann said that the BJP leaders were jostling here and there as the BJP had nothing of its own in Punjab. He said that value of zero remains the same even after adding number of zeros with it.



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