Anti-gangster task force will root out crime from Punjab: Malwinder Singh Kang

Not even a single case will be filed out of vendetta or to intimidate people: Malwinder Singh Kang

Chandigarh : Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) appreciated Bhagwant Mann led Punjab government’s decision to form anti-gangster task force in the state. In a press conference, on Tuesday, AAP leaders and spokespersons Malwinder Singh Kang and Dr. Sunny Singh Ahluwalia the aim of this task force is to improve the condition of law and order in Punjab and ensure the safety of common people.AAP leader said that this decision of Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann is very important in the wake of reining in the gangsters and with the implementation of this and formation of this task force, the common people of the state will feel safer and will be able to lead their lives without any fear. Malwinder Singh Kang said that this task force will root out organized crime in Punjab and create fear among the criminals. This task force will be headed by a senior police officer of the rank of ADGP and for this they will be specially empowered. To make this effective, special police stations will be set up and special police teams will also be formed. In coordination with the local police-administration, this force will eliminate crime from Punjab.

Kang said that like previous governments their government won’t misuse it settle political vendettas. No false or bogus cases will be registered to intimidate anyone. He added that previous governments used to intimidate and harass innocent people by registering false cases to suppress the voice of protest. The Aam Aadmi Party government will not file even a single case against the innocent.Dr. Sunny Singh Ahluwalia said that after becoming the Chief Minister, Bhagwant Mann is continuously taking historic and big decisions for the people of Punjab. The Chief Minister has asked the DCs of every district to hold outdoor meetings in villages to listen to the problems of the people and solve them immediately. The government of Aam Aadmi Party has been formed to solve the problems of common people. Government employees and officials will no longer harass the common people, but will provide them high level facilities. Just as the Arvind Kejriwal government in Delhi made life easier for the common people by providing them all the basic facilities, similarly Bhagwant Mann government in Punjab will work tirelessly to make lives smoother for the people of the state.



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