Kannada people will repulse Maharashtra like Indian Army : Basavaraj Bommai

Belagavi (Karnataka) : Reacting strongly to the statement of Maharashtra senior leader Sanjay Raut that his people should enter Karnataka like the Chinese Army, Karnataka Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai stated that if they come like Chinese army, Kannada people would push them back like the Indian Army.

Speaking to reporters at Belagavi, CM Bommai stated that everyone knows what importance should be given to Sanjay Raut. He always gives provocative statements, he said.

Commenting on the demand by Maharashtra MLA to increase the height of dams and not letting the flow of water into the state, CM Bommai stated that the opposition members in Maharashtra had made the statement.

“We are living in a federal structure. Water does not belong to one state. It flows in three to four states and there is an inter-connection. There is Water Disputes Act, tribunals, there are Supreme Court judgements,” he said.

“Nowhere has it been done and nowhere has this kind of statement been made. Certainly, I am telling them to restrain from making the statements. There is no use in stubborn statements. No one can implement such things. It is just a political talk,” CM Bommai maintained.

“The relationship between one state and another is always going to be there. The border dispute is in the Supreme Court. If they have so much power, let them fight there. We have confidence. As per the constitution, we have a strong case and submit our arguments efficiently there,” he said.



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