Arvind Kejriwal leads Christmas celebrations at Delhi Assembly

New Delhi : Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Thursday led the annual Christmas and New Year celebrations at the Delhi Legislative Assembly premises. The celebrations were organised by Speaker Ram Niwas Goel under the initiative of celebrating festivals of all faiths in the Vidhan Sabha.

“India’s speciality is its unity despite the diversity of its cultures, languages, castes and religions. Jesus Christ dedicated every moment of his life to the service of the poor, sick, and downtrodden; we should take inspiration from his life,” the Chief Minister said.

“We have people from different faiths who practise their traditions, their culture and speak in different languages. Yet, we are one nation. It is just like a hand that has different fingers, but they all combine to form a strong punch.

The people of India take pride in their culture and celebrate different festivals,” he added. Talking about the coronavirus scare, he said that there are four cases of new Covid variants in India, but there is no need to panic, Delhi government is fully prepared.

“We are hearing about a high number of cases in China once again, and there is fear that it could spread to India and other countries. I want to assure the people that the Delhi government is well prepared…

I sincerely pray that we do not go through the problems that we went through in the previous waves of Covid-19. But if things get worse, then we will all face the tough times together, just like we did last time.”



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