AAP launches ‘Nawan ate Sunehra Punjab’ campaign for Mission 2022

"Punjab has had enough of politics, so no more politics, only 'Punjabaniti'" - Arvind Kejriwal

Chandigarh : The Aam Aadmi Party launched its new election campaign ‘Nawaan Ate Sunehra Punjab’ for Mission 2022. AAP Supremo Arvind Kejriwal announced his new campaign by releasing a video on Friday. Kejriwal called upon the people of Punjab to come together in this mission for the progress and prosperity of the state and also issued a missed call number 7070 23 7070 to join the campaign.Addressing the people of Punjab, Kejriwal said, “Punjab is the land of Gurus. Punjabi are very good and hardworking people. Yet the condition of the state is very bad. Due to the corrupt policies of the previous governments, the youth of Punjab today have no employments opportunities. Lakhs of youth went abroad in search of education and jobs. Lakhs of youth have turned addicts. Leaders of traditional parties together looted and ruined Punjab.” Now only the people of Punjab can change Punjab.

Kejriwal stressed that for the prosperity of Punjab, we have to overthrow dirty politics and promote work based politics for the benefit of the people and Punjab. Referring to Punjab policy, Kejriwal said, “Enough politics has been done, so no more politics, we’ll focus on ‘Punjabaniti’ only.”Appealing to the people of Punjab to join this mission, Kejriwal said, “Today, we are starting our mission ‘Nawan ate Sunehra Punjab’ for the prosperity and progress of Punjab. This mission will contribute to the progress of Punjab and Will connect 3 crore Punjabis irrespective of caste, religion and gender. By connecting everyone together we will create brotherhood, peace and harmony in Punjab. Through this mission we all together will change Punjab and make plans for the development of the state. Power, water, agriculture, trade and all other issues will be discussed with the people in detail, and on the basis of discussions, a plan for change will be prepared.



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