Mahua Moitra dares BJP to prove wine, meat are not offered to worship Maa Kali

Kolkata : Reacting to the controversies triggered by her recent comments on worshipping Goddess Kali, Trinamool Congress MP Mahua Moitra said on Friday that the BJP leaders filing FIRs against her for her comments should file affidavits and claim that alcohol and meat are not offered to Goddess Kali during her worship.

She also drew references to three popular temples in India Maa Tara temple at Tarapith in West Bengal, Shaktipeeth Temple at Ujjain in Madhya Pradesh and Kamkhya Temple in Guwahati.

According to Moitra, in BJP-ruled Madhya Pradesh and Assam, the Chief Ministers should inform through affidavits that ‘karanbari’ (alcohol) and meat are not offered there for worship.

Reacting to a section of the media, she also said that since she herself is a devotee of Goddess Kali, she is aware of the forms of worship and cannot even think of making any statement that will hurt the sentiments of the Kali worshippers.

Stating that some of her well-wishers are also questioning as to why she drew this reference, Moitra said if the educated class avoids debates, the BJP will force its own idea of Hinduism on people.

“These days people are scared to join debates on religion and the BJP is taking advantage of that. Hinduism is my religion as well, and I know what I have said is not incorrect and so I will not deviate from my stand,” Moira said.

Commenting on her party Trinamool Congress not endorsing her views in this matter, she said that Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee is her supreme leader and the matter will surely be discussed in the proper forum within the party.

The state BJP leadership, however, has rubbished her comments and claimed that as an elected MP, Moitra is not supposed to give lectures on styles and rituals of worship. They also demanded an unconditional apology from her.




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