The Leading Self-reliant Sheesham Wood Furniture Manufacturers Became a Household Name


Saraf furniture is the prime example of taking forward the home-based furniture trading business into one of the leading e-commerce platforms in India named man behind the business elevation, Raghunandan Saraf, CEO & founder of Saraf furniture, has foreseen the market trends and took the stimulating opportunity of running the traditional old business in all together with a new platform. Though the shift was not a piece of cake, it seemed like one. “Ever since my childhood, I dreamt of it. I used to attend business meetings, oversea trade shows, client interactions, and conferences on business strategies and development with my father. Thereby I gained & developed my knowledge regarding the family business”. Said CEO & Founder. This was just the beginning, the understanding and sense of business got its shape and structure when he completed his MBA from SRCC, Delhi. His exploring nature was taken into the front seat, and he acquired handsome knowledge of management and new concepts of marketing. The technological geek and the passion underlying made him jump back to his hometown Sadarshahar, Rajasthan, to join his 4-decade old family business. “I hailed back and gathered all my knowledge to revamp and strategize the decades-old traditional business module into an e-commerce website selling the home and office furniture online. kick-started the legacy with SARAF FURNITURE.” said founder.This inception was solitary oriented by the passion inside him, also it was a well-researched and strategized move by him to lead the business according to the current trend and needs of the market. “The shifting trends in the behavior of shopping and the people’s usage of internet to experience online shopping led us to the development of e-commerce business module,” said Raghunandan Saraf, CEO & founder.
He revamped his business approach with the market style, trends, and the needs of the customer. He has designed his website and app intending to make elegant, minimally-designed furniture, accessible to the masses at value-driven prices.Saraf Furniture, bootstrapped company, had witnessed many hurdles while traveling towards success, the biggie was to signify and make people understand the difference between the authentic Sheesham wood furniture to regular wooden furniture. To which they have developed their studio in every metro city of India. Their studio was well captivated with all home furniture & décor to glam-up the home. We have witnessed various changes in the furniture industry, and the most fascinating change in the eyes of the customer was usage of VR technology in the studios and customization.“We are differentiating the experience for the customer through technological hybridization. The purpose of our company is crystal clear, we wish to provide more than “add to cart experience” to our customers by rendering the convenient shopping service at their home even at the time of lockdown” adds Raghunandan Saraf, CEO & founder of Saraf furniture.“Furniture is the language of every home, and altering them makes it unique for the customer and its family.Our happy customers preferred customization of the product to make their home a unique den. To build their love nest, we offered customization with experts’ advice on call to the customers, the persons in doubt got a comprehensible chance to touch, feel, and customize the product from at their very own stores in cities” said Raghunandan Saraf, Ceo& founder. The exclusive furniture company in India, which is self-reliant, self- sufficient in making their product right from the scratch till the finished good. They are sited as the best example for self-reliant India, as they vocalize and localize the furniture which is made in India. Also, evident USP of the company is the customer gets the delivery of the furniture from the factory itself, thereby making the cost-effective furniture with high quality of Sheesham wood. This serves as one of the visions of the company – to provide value and worth for the middle-class people of India.

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