Workshop on Digital Literacy held for District Staff at Samba

Samba : On the direction of the Deputy Commissioner (DC) Samba, a highly productive workshop on digital literacy was conducted in the DC Office Meeting Hall. The objective of the workshop was to equip staff from all district offices with essential digital skills for their routine official work.
The event witnessed the active participation of the Additional Deputy Commissioner (ADDC) and Assistant Deputy Commissioner (ADC), adding to its significance and impact.The workshop focused on raising awareness about the vast potential of cyberspace and online portals, as well as the efficient utilization of the e-Office platform.
The workshop aimed to provide participants with a fundamental understanding of digital tools and technologies, empowering them to navigate the digital landscape confidently and perform their official duties more effectively.
To ensure a comprehensive learning experience, experienced Common Service Centre (CSC) operators from the district Samba were present to deliver training and guidance to the staff members.
Throughout the workshop, participants received practical training on various aspects of digital literacy, including online communication, data security, internet usage, and effective utilization of digital tools and resources.
The CSC operators patiently assisted and addressed the queries of the attendees, ensuring an interactive and conducive learning environment.The workshop received an enthusiastic response from the district staff, showcasing their eagerness to upgrade their digital skills and adapt to the rapidly evolving work environment.
The attendees expressed their appreciation for the initiative taken by the DC Office and conveyed gratitude for the opportunity to enhance their professional competencies in the digital realm.The successful conclusion of the workshop signifies a significant milestone in the ongoing efforts of the DC Office Samba to promote digital literacy among its workforce.
With improved digital proficiency, the district staff is now better equipped to harness the power of technology in their day-to-day tasks, thereby enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of administrative processes.
As the participants returned to their respective offices, they carried with them renewed enthusiasm and an enhanced digital skill set, ready to embrace the digital era and make a positive impact in their work. The DC Office Samba remains committed to supporting its staff members through similar initiatives in the future, ensuring continuous professional development and enabling them to stay abreast of the ever-changing technological landscape.



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