Poster Exhibition organised at IIM Jammu

Jammu : Students of Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Jammu today organised a poster exhibition showcasing their creativity, skills, and talents as a part of their Business Communication course. The objective of the event was to facilitate a learner dialogue with the IIM Jammu academic fraternity on various dimensions of communication and language, and also enabling creativity in student assessment practices.

The activity was executed by the students of the IPM 02 batch under the guidance of Dr. Apurva, Co-Chairperson Student Affairs, IIM Jammu. The event was graced by Professor B.S. Sahay, Director of IIM Jammu, faculty members, officers, staff, and students at the Institute.

Present on the occasion was Prof. Jabir Ali, Dean Academics, IIM Jammu, Dr. Ateeque Shaikh, Chairperson, IPM, Cmdr. Kesavan Baskkaran, Chief Administrative Officer, and Rajat Jain, Financial Advisor and Chief Accounts Officer, IIM Jammu.

Speaking on the occasion, Prof. B.S. Sahay, Director, IIM Jammu said, “IIM Jammu is always committed to the growth and overall development of students. The students have showcased some unique and innovative concepts in poster exhibitions through their creative adaptations.

We at IIM Jammu have always believed in providing a platform for our students to represent the best of their ideas and creativity and this poster exhibition is indeed an initiative in that direction.” Ten groups presented ten different topics as a part of their Business Communication curriculum.

The Group “MERAKI” presented on the topic ‘Communication and the Importance of Language in Communication’, conveying the process of effective communication and how language plays a major role in the process of communication between different individuals.

The Group “MAVERICKS” presented on the topic ‘Physiology of Reading’ explaining the process of reading with the help of fun activities such as ‘Spot the difference’ in their poster. The Group “THE WALNUTS” exhibited the topic ‘Language and Brain-Lateralization and Localization’ illustrating how the brain is divided into two parts and how each part functionalism in a specialized way.

The Group “THE SURVEY CORP ” presented the topic ‘Tabular Rasa vs. LAD’ depicting the different ways by which humans acquire languages with the help of relevant examples. The Group “PHOENIX” presented on the topic ‘Evolution of Language’ in which the group explained how language evolved along with the evolution of humans.

The Group “PERKY PROFESSIONAL” creatively exhibited their topic ‘Nature vs. Nurture’ where the group illustrated the impact of Nature and Nurture on the linguistic development of human beings. The Group “HARVEY” exhibited on the topic ‘Language and Culture” portraying the various characteristics of Indian culture and how culture is influenced using languages.

The Group “THE ACES” presented on the topic ‘Critical Period Hypothesis’ explaining the certain assigned periods during which a person can acquire languages. The Group “DYNAMIX” displayed on the topic ‘Design Feature of Human Language’, where the group was successful in depicting how animals communicate and how human beings are different from animals in terms of communication.

The Group “G.O.A.T” exhibited ‘Physiology of Speaking’ describing the biological aspects of speaking, covering vast topics such as Broca’s Aphasia and Wernicke’s Aphasia. From the very beginning, IIM Jammu has set high standards for outstanding value-based quality education, high-quality research, executive education, consultancy, and strong corporate as well as international linkages. IIM Jammu encourages contemporary research concentrating on regional, national, and global issues.



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