People of Jammu and Kashmir want Aam Aadmi Party to form next government in State

Jammu : In a press statement Social Activist and AAP Leader Gurmeet Singh Baaghi, said that the People of Jammu and Kashmir are tired of giving chances to NC, PDP and BJP and now want the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) in State.

The people of Jammu and Kashmir want development and a positive environment in the state like Aam Aadmi Party Government provides in Delhi and Punjab. People of the state are unhappy with current rulling and alleged that the BJP government did not do anything for the welfare of the state.

People of the state are unhappy with the current regime. In the last few years, the state government/ administration did nothing. Baaghi said that the assembly election in the state is due. BJP ,NC, PDP and Congress are the main political parties in the state.

But the people of Jammu Kashmir want Aam Aadmi Party Government in Jammu and Kashmir. We are building our organization in grass root level and welcoming the people of JK in our party.

Good people of other political parties who are feeling unsafe in their respective parties should join AAP for the interest of bright future of Jammu Kashmir. We welcomed them in our party those who are not corrupt or communal and do not have any criminal background.

We are building the party in state and the cadre of AAP are ready to contest on all seats in the next Assembly elections in Jammu and Kashmir. People’s of Jammu and Kashmir say that the way AAP government worked in Delhi and Punjab they should come to power in Jammu Kashmir too.

The people of Jammu Kashmir want that the way Aam Aadmi Party worked in Delhi and Punjab for electricity, water, education, health, and employment, same should be done here.
Baaghi said that the Aam Aadmi Party is not just a party its the name of revolution to fight against the corrupt system and work for the comman man. People’s across the Nation were fast realizing the fact that AAP alone meet the public expectation.

The day will soon come when the people of J&K State will completely remove corruption from society by electing honest, educated and dedicated AAP candidates in the election, which is the main aim of the Aam Aadmi Party and that day is not far off.



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