MVD conducts extensive checking of vehicles in Doda

Doda : Motor Vehicle Department team led by ARTO, Kuldeep Singh along with MVI Jasbir Singh and other officials today launched an extensive checking drive in Doda town and its peripheral routes including Bharat Route, Dashnan route, Doda-Ganpat Bridge, Doda Kastigarh route, Doda – Bhagwa -Dessa route.

During the drive about 200 vehicles including two wheelers, four wheelers, LMV cars, and commercial passenger vehicles were checked. During the drive 2 (two) motor cycles were seized and 26 vehicles were challaned for different offences including use of cell phone while driving, driving two wheeler without Helmet, driving without driving license, driving without wearing seat belt etc.

Besides passenger vehicles were challaned for overloading beyond their seating capacity and driving vehicles without SLD or non-functioning of SLD etc. Counselling of traffic violators was also conducted by the ARTO and MVI during the checking drive.

They were sensitized to avoid the use of cell phone while driving and wear helmets while driving two wheeler.


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