Instead of protecting parents from loot,jkffc is supporting private schools : Amit Kapoor

Jammu : Amit Kapoor has opposed the decision of Jammu and Kashmir Fee Fixation Committee to increase the transport charges of schools by 14%. He said that JKFFC recently ordered 14% hike in charges, they need to clarify that private schools which are charging fees from parents in the name of admission fees, monthly fees and printing charges.

Does the FFC know anything about that too? Amit Kapoor said that when it is time to benefit private schools, the Education Department Fee Fixation Committee becomes active and turns a blind eye when parents are robbed.

Private schools in Jammu and Kashmir are looting parents with both hands.They also do not obey the orders of the Education Department, Government and Supreme Court.Looking at everything, the education department is playing the role of a mute spectator.

If the Fee Fixation Committee can issue an order to increase the transport charges, then it should also take some action on the fees being charged arbitrarily by the schools. It is clear from this order that there is a collusion between the Jammu and Kashmir School Education Department and private schools and both together rob the parents.


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