From ‘Kashmir Young Achievers’ to the ‘1000 Women of Asia Awards’: The Inspiring Journey of Abida Rashid

Srinagar (Mudasir Maqbool) : Aabida Rashid is a self-taught Islamic calligrapher and medical student from Zainakote, HMT area of central Kashmir’s district Srinagar of Jammu & Kashmir. Despite growing up in a community where certain professions are highly regarded while others are overlooked, Aabida has always been drawn to Islamic calligraphy.
She began her journey as a calligrapher during the pandemic, using the extra time to improve her skills and turn her passion into a lifelong pursuit.Aabida has always excelled in her art, winning numerous local competitions during her school days.
She is now working hard to become proficient in Islamic calligraphy, which she sees as more than just a hobby. She finds peace and calm in the practice, and believes it is an effective way to communicate and pass on messages in a beautiful way.
In addition to her calligraphy, Aabida also enjoys drawing and painting, which bring her joy and peace. She sees calligraphy as a therapeutic art that helps her focus and forget about her problems and stresses.
Aabida has received a lot of positive feedback and appreciation for her work from her family, friends, and anyone who sees it. She has even been recognized for her talent on a larger scale, winning the 1000 Women of Asia Awards.
This award is a testament to Aabida’s dedication to her craft and her exceptional talent as an artist.Aabida’s message for other artists and beginners is to follow their hearts and do what brings them happiness and peace.
She encourages them to stay motivated and not let circumstances hold them back. She also advises them not to hide their talent, but to come forward and show the world what they can do.



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