Troops protecting Kiev ‘firmly holding positions’: Ukraine Army

Kiev : The General Staff of Ukraine’s Armed Forces on Wednesday said its Kiev troop grouping was “repulsing the enemy’s offensive”, inflicting damage and firmly holding their positions.The information was released in the forces’ latest “operative information” on key battlefield developments effective at 6 a.m. local time (4:00 GMT) on Wednesday, the BBC reported.The statement added that because of “numerous casualties” Russia’s military was continuing to conduct “covert mobilisation” under the guise of holding training camps, and was also intensifying efforts to “recruit volunteers”.

Russia’s military has not publicly commented on the report, which has not been independently verified.Russian President Vladimir Putin has pledged that no conscripts will be sent to Ukraine.In its previous bulletin at 24:00 local time (22:00 GMT) on March 8, Ukraine’s military said Russia’s offensive had slowed over past 24 hours.



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