Twitter likely reverts change that turned embeds of deleted tweets into blank boxes

San Francisco : Micro-blogging site Twitter reportedly confirmed that it has reversed a change that turned the appearance of deleted tweets embedded on websites outside of the platform.According to The Verge, instead of leaving a blank gap in place of the deleted tweets, the site will go back to displaying the tweet’s original text.”After considering the feedback we heard, we’re rolling back this change for now while we explore different options,” the tech website quoted Twitter spokesperson Remi Duhe as saying in an emailed statement.”We appreciate those who shared their points of view a” your feedback helps us make Twitter better,” Duhe added.

If you head to any third-party webpage with an embedded tweet, you will see that you can once again see the tweet’s original text, date, and the name of the user who posted it, the report said.Judging by Twitter’s response, it looks like this reversal is only temporary while the company figures out an alternate way to display deleted tweets on websites.It is unclear what kind of “different options Twitter might try out, but, hopefully, it will not involve completely blocking out any information associated with the tweet.



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