Nigeria warns of potential floods in 32 states

Lagos : At least 32 states and 233 local government areas are at a high risk of flooding in Nigeria due to the ongoing heavy rain, the Ministry of Water Resources said. “The level of floods in the highly probable flood risk areas between the months of April and November is expected to be high in terms of impacts on population, agriculture, livelihood, livestock, infrastructure and the environment,” said Suleiman Adamu, the Minister of Water Resources. Adamu said the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) and Lagos, the nation’s commercial hub, are among the states to experience heavy flooding, reports Xinhua news agency.


“Some 233 local government areas in 32 states of and the FCT fall within the highly probable risk areas, while 212 local government areas in 35 states, including the FCT, fall within the moderately probable flood risk areas,” he said. The Minister called on all stakeholders to consider the flood forecasts, flood early warnings and information being issued by NIHSA in its weekly and monthly flood alerts to reduce flooding disasters in the country. Clement Nze, the head of NIHSA, said that the primary goal of the meeting is to raise awareness among policymakers, farmers and the general public, and preventive measures are required to improve safety and reduce damage to lives and properties.



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