Lack of Covid testing availability may up potential for risky behaviour

New York : When Covid-19 testing is not available in a community, people may show significantly greater intentions to engage in risky behaviour, possibly leading to increased transmission of the virus, says a research survey.The study, published in the journal PLOS ONE, showed that testing availability appears to play an independent role in influencing behaviours facilitating Covid-19 transmission, even when controlling for a clinical diagnosis of the virus.”In this study, we find that access to testing matters even when the medical guidance to self-isolate is clear,” said researcher Katherine Christensen, an assistant professor of marketing at the Indiana University.

“The results highlight the role that testing may play in influencing the public’s behavioral response to the current pandemic as well as to future contagions,” Christensen added.For the study, the team asked 1,194 people in the US about various hypothetical testing scenarios to evaluate their impact on risky behavioural intentions in those presumed to have Covid-19.Each scenario began with the person experiencing symptoms.The results of the study also highlight the unintended behavioural consequences that could stem from false-negative tests.Participants with negative tests demonstrated the greatest intention to engage in risky behavior compared to those without available testing; they were 39 per cent more likely to do so.



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