Nagelsmann follows Cristiano Ronaldo’s example as Bayern seek to win Champions League

Berlin : Julian Nagelsmann’s admiration of Portuguese superstar Cristiano Ronaldo is common knowledge. Since Bayern Munich pulverised Bayern Leverkusen 5-1 on Sunday (October 17), fans might know the coach’s admiration for the five-time Champions League winner seems unlimited.”There is no one better than him when it comes to preparation and training effort,” Nagelsmann stated ahead of his clubs’ Champions League group match against Benfica this Wednesday (October 20).Nagelsmann added that Ronaldo’s former Juve teammate Sami Khedira told him of the striker’s intense efforts. “He is a training monster,” Nagelsmann concluded.At the same time, the Bayern coach is paying attention to 36-year-old Ronaldo’s inquiring mind when it comes to new ways of recovery to cope with the packed schedule.While Bayern ruthlessly continues its successful journey in the German national league, the coach has discovered the importance of smart stress management, Xinhua reports. To address his club’s demands to perform at the highest level in the Champions League, the Bayern coach is vigilantly watching his players’ recovery process.”We need our players in top condition to perform successfully. That’s vital to compete in a campaign like the Champions League the way we intend to,” Nagelsmann said. Taking several of his key performers off the pitch after half-time at Leverkusen might tell the story of Nagelsmann’s approach.”Deciding as many games as possible at an early stage gives us the opportunity to keep the load under control.

At present, we seem to be doing pretty well in that,” the Bayern coach added. Nagelsmann is aware that if Bayern can count on the majority of its players in the best shape, the team is one of the favourites for the Champions League title.”We don’t have to fear any European team when all around are at their highest level,” stated Bayern keeper Manuel Neuer. Instead of turning things upside down, Nagelsmann follows a more subtle pattern.”Well-oiled teams such as Bayern don’t need the same amount of influence by their coach than less well-equipped teams. Top class teams require gentle changes,” he stated. Gentle advice delivered by a caring coach makes top teams develop further, according to Nagelsmann.Ronaldo’s impact on Nagelsmann continues when it comes to an unbreakable will and never-ending determination. Mentality is the key, the Bayern coach said. Nagelsmann and his players praised their stunning performance in Leverkusen. But more often, they talk about their failures.”The first 15 minutes, when we didn’t manage to take full control. But that’s what we want, to entirely dominate the game from the first to the last minute,” the Bavarians’ manager added after his team closed the gaps and discovered spaces in which to attack.


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