Rebel Wilson reveals daily diet that helped her shed 34.9 kgs

Los Angeles : Actress and comedienne Rebel Wilson has shared the secret behind her remarkable weight loss transformation.Since embarking on her self-titled “year of health” in 2020, she has lost more than 34.9 kgs and has also managed to keep the weight off since reaching her goal, reports 42-year-old has shared that alongside a gruelling exercise regime, her new healthy look is partially down to following the Mayr Method diet plan.The diet encourages good eating practices like chewing food thoroughly, eliminates snacking and reduce gluten and dairy intake, while focusing on high-alkaline foods such as vegetables and fish.


The ‘Pitch Perfect’ actress starts each day with a big breakfast, with meals getting smaller in portion size throughout the day as part of the plan. Breakfasts might include a vegetable omelette or an avocado cream with smoked salmon, reports ideal lunch would be two vegetables with some fish or carbohydrate (not both), at around 3 p.m. The diet promotes a smaller portion of protein and veggies for dinner or no dinner at all. Her plan also encourages drinks of water or green tea.The Australian actress kickstarted her weight loss at a wellness centre in Austria where sugar, alcohol and caffeine are banned, dinner is frowned upon and guests chew every mouthful 40 times.



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