Russian troops trying to break through Kiev’s defences

Kiev : Ukrainian authorities on Monday said that Russian troops are trying to break through Kiev’s defences in the northwest and in the east in order to control key highways, towns, and villages.In a Facebook post, the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine said the Russian troops advancing towards Kiev are being held back by Ukrainian troops, reports Ukrayinska Pravda.It added that on the Donetsk and Luhansk fronts, Ukrainian forces have repulsed five Russian attacks, destroyed two Russian tanks, an infantry combat vehicle, and a car.In the Kharkiv region, defence battles continue to be fought in the villages of Topolske, Kamyanka, and Such Kamyanka.

In the south of Ukraine, the Armed Forces are focused on: defending Kryvyi Rih, Zaporizhzhia, and Mykolayiv; on keeping control of parts of the Black Sea coast; and on security and defence of critical infrastructure facilities.According to the General Staff, the forces are also holding back the advance of the Russian troops towards the cities of Huliaipole and Zaporizhzhia.On the Avdiivka front in the Donetsk region, the Armed Forces of Ukraine are fighting off a Russian assault on the town of Verkhnotoretske.On the Volyn and Siversk fronts, defence operations continue.



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