‘Russian budget doesn’t have funds for military in war against Ukraine’

Kiev : The Chief Intelligence Directorate of Ukraine’s Ministry of Defence said that that the Russian budget does not have funds for further payments to the military for participation in the ongoing war against Kiev. “After the promised payments to the military of the aggressors’ army, the Russian military has had problems with funding. It has turned out that the budget does not provide for payment of these costs. And given the unsatisfactory state of Russia’s financial system due to sanctions, additional funds cannot be found in the budget,” Ukrayinska Pravda quoted the Directorate as saying. In Crimea, the current budget for military units was used up in February after payments were made for “business trips” to those who took part in the war against Ukraine, it said.

“There is no funding for any payments in March.” The situation is similar with payment of mercenaries hired by Russia’s private military campaigns (PMC) to take part in the war, the agency note. “More and more often, these soldiers are refusing to enter the territory of Ukraine. The reason is non-fulfilment of the terms of the concluded contracts. These militants are not receiving funds for participation in hostilities, compensation for injuries or promised ‘social guarantees’.”



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