Haryana’s daughter holds Art show “The Eclectic Melange” in London

London : Artist Renuka Sondhi Gulati hailing from the town of Yamunanagar and currently living in Gurugram has organized a show “The Eclectic Melange” at The Nehru Centre at South Audley Street, London on 17th October evening. The show was inaugurated by Lord Rami Ranger, a member of the House of Lords of United Kingdom.

In his inaugural speech Lord Rami ranger said that he was VERY HAPPY to Inaugurate the show “The Eclectic Melange”. He said that in India they say that after every 16 miles the dialect changes and the culture gets a different hue. To capture the diversity of such a vast Nation on canvas is not very easy task.

Yet the Artists have done that in their own way. This show “The Eclectic Melange” explores the various relationships between man and his surroundings in space- physical manifestations (as in urbanscape, landscape, seascape or just space to which we belong) and inner (as in mindscape, our thoughts and impressions) collectively forming an interesting odyssey, the Indian way.

In physical space there are impressions left by the happenings in the society over time. Similarly in inner space there are impressions layered deep in human psyche. The exhibition Eclectic Melange showcases theses impressions through the works of four artists- 3 painters (Renuka from Punjab, Nivedita from U.P and Shashi from Indore,M.P.) and one photographer Kaushik Armathur who was born and brought up in Karnataka, South India.

The common thread running through these works was their absorption of the hues of India, their native country. These works are mostly of the COVID times and show that human, especially Artists souls reflect strongly the sufferings of humankind caused by the pandemic and how the Artists have tried to reconstruct their worlds despite the hiatus caused by COVID.

Renuka’s work deals with complexities of contemporary world with women in focus. Her oeuvre is art in motion. Her artworks merge reality with a mythical dimension, a futuristic vision that becomes real just by the fact that it is visible through the artwork. Shashi and Nivedita have beautifully combined physical and inner worlds in their work.

Shashi’s several themes are connected by themes of self-evolution, nature, journey of life, and achievements by pushing the boundaries. Nivedita is constantly in dialogue with the idea of changing scenarios of space from enclosed spaces to landscape, seascape, cityscape to only vast space.

Kaushik has captured life with the imagery of river banks and Ghats through his lens depicting the culture of the society he comes from.Lord Rami Ranger said that he was really impressed by the work of these Artists and congratulated them and hoped people of United Kingdom would love the works of these artists and patronize them.

He assured the Artists that they would love the British hospitality and appreciation for Art and hope they have a great stay in UK and remember this show as a phenomenal milestone in their Cultural career and come again with more Art in times to come.

He also used this occasion to wish a very Happy Deepawali to millions of Indians all over the world and hope the festival of light brings new hope and glitter in their lives in times to come. The Art show Eclectic Melange will be there till 21st Oct 2022 daily 10 am to 6 pm at The Nehru Center in South Audley Street in Central London.

Lord Rami Ranger addressing the gathering at The Electic Melange show inaugural at London Lord Rami Ranger discussing the Artworks with the Artists Renuka, Kaushik, Shashi, and Nivedita at The Nehru Centre London.Lord Rami Ranger lighting the Lamp to inaugurate the Art show: “The Electric Melange” at The Nehru Centre London


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