Sahitya Aaj Tak: Swanand Kirkire talks about song remixes, says ‘pareshaan karte hain’

New Delhi : Swanand Kirkire graced the Sahitya Aaj Tak event being held in New Delhi. At the event, he spoke about the trend of remixing old songs.

In Short

· Swanand Kirkire attended Sahitya Aaj Tak in Delhi.

· He spoke about the trend of remixing old songs.

· “Remix pareshaan toh karte hain,” he said.

Two-time National Award-winning lyricist Swanand Kirkire recently graced the Sahitya Aaj Tak event, being held in New Delhi. During his session called Aao Sathi Sapne Dekhen, the multitalented personality spoke about the one thing that he likes doing the most.

While talking about the same, the lyricist revealed that he probably never wanted to become a lyric writer. However, he admitted that he has earned fame by being a lyricist. “I am one of the few lucky ones who have been able to do everything. I never said I wanted to act, but people told me ‘why don’t you try acting?’ and I did.

Maybe I didn’t want to become a lyric writer. But someone asked me to try and I did. I didn’t want to become a singer,” he said. Swanand Kirkire further shed light on the trend of remixing old classics.


When Swanand was asked if he gets bothered by remixes of old songs, he said, “Remix pareshaan toh karte hain. I feel kisi ke bane banaye khet pe fasal kaat le vaise baat hogayi. I never liked it. Nowadays, in the film industry, [it is said] that you should remix your own song.

There’s no sense in it. There’s a reason why an original song is made a certain way. I feel it [remixing] is not good. It keeps happening. I don’t know the solution to this.”


Continuing his chat on Sahitya Aaj Tak, Swanand Kirkire shared his thoughts on the OTT medium. “Every new thing comes with its pluses and minuses. When we used to do theatre, the cinema arrived. At that time, people felt ‘theatre khatam hojayega because cinema aagaya’.

And when we entered into films, came TV and everyone felt TV would take over cinemas. However, TV and cinema worked equally. And now, content has arrived on mobile phones. People feel because of OTT, cinema will disappear.

But there’s nothing like that. This is a phase where films aren’t working. But OTT is a good format, which is a mid-path between cinema and TV,” he said and signed off.

About Sahitya Aajtak

A confluence of various literature forms – poetry, prose, music and drama – the festival is a part of Aaj Tak’s endeavour to highlight the importance of art and literature in today’s era. The fest brings together a diverse mix of marquee writers, scholars, authors, musicians, actors, columnists, business leaders, poets and theatre artists, who have made their mark across audiences with their work over the years.

They will unite again on a single platform to express their views openly and engage in meaningful dialogues about the nature of art, culture and literature in the world, and the indelible imprint they leave on the minds and hearts of people.


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