Sahitya Aaj Tak : Kabir Bedi reveals he was emotionally devastated after losing his son to suicide

New Delhi : Kabir Bedi opens up about being emotionally devastated after losing his son to suicide. He was at the Sahitya AajTak event in Delhi. In Short Kabir Bedi opens up about his son dealing with schizophrenia and he couldn’t prevent him from committing suicide. Kabir Bedi was at the Sahitya AajTak event in Delhi.

He also opened up on Hollywood stardom.Kabir Bedi graced the Sahitya Aaj Tak event being held in Delhi. He was promoting his book, Stories I Must Tell, which is an autobiography capturing the ups and downs of the actor, who is acclaimed both here and internationally, for his work. During the conversation, he revealed that he suffered financial disasters while his son was dealing with schizophrenia.


Kabir at Sahitya Aaj Tak, “Whatever I have written in the book is from my heart. I have had my share of ups and downs, bankruptcy and mistakes which I have written in the book. I suffered great losses due to bad investments.

All of this happened when my son was doing with schizophrenia. I tried to prevent my son from committing suicide but I couldn’t and I felt guilty. At the same time, I went through financial disasters. I would go to auditions and did not know what to do.

I lost a lot of work due to that. I was emotionally devastated and from there how I built myself again is all a part of my journey.”


Kabir Bedi also spoke about his popularity in Italy and why lack of social media exposure back then worked against him. He mentioned that he has also opened up about his relationships in the book. Kabir also mentioned a chapter with Parveen Babi, whom he dated for a couple of years. The actress passed away at the age of 50 after suffering from mental illness.

About Sahitya Aajtak

A confluence of various literature forms – poetry, prose, music and drama – the festival is a part of Aaj Tak’s endeavour to highlight the importance of art and literature in today’s era. The fest brings together a diverse mix of marquee writers, scholars, authors, musicians, actors, columnists, business leaders, poets and theatre artists, who have made their mark across audiences with their work over the years.

They will unite again on a single platform to express their views openly and engage in meaningful dialogues about the nature of art, culture and literature in the world, and the indelible imprint they leave on the minds and hearts of people.



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