Novel cutting-edge tech to diagnose heart failure in record time developed

London : A team of researchers, including one of Indian-origin, has developed cutting-edge technology to diagnose patients with heart failure in record time.The researchers said that the state-of-the-art technology uses magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to create detailed 4D flow images of the heart.

But unlike a standard MRI scan, which can take up to 20 minutes or more, the new 4D heart MRI scan takes just eight minutes, the study, published in the journal European Radiology Experimental, indicated.”An ultrasound scan of the heart called echocardiography is routinely used to measure the peak velocity of blood flow through the mitral valve of the heart.

However, this method can be unreliable,” lead researcher Pankaj Garg from the University of East Anglia.”We have been researching one of the most cutting-edge methods of flow assessment inside the heart called 4D flow MRI. In 4D flow MRI, we can look at the flow in three directions over time — the fourth dimension,” Garg added.

The results provide a precise image of the heart valves and blood flow inside the heart, helping doctors determine the best course of treatment for patients.For the study, the team tested the new technology with 50 patients. Patients with suspected heart failure were assessed using the new Kat-ARC 4D heart flow MRI.



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