Nirankari Satguru’s Message To Humanity On The Occasion Of New Year

New Delhi : ‘Real devotion starts in life after the attainment of Brahmgyan and life becomes devotional and blissful only by its permanence.’ The above words were expressed by Nirankari Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj while addressing a mammoth gathering at a special Satsang organized at Delhi at the commencement of New Year.

This information was given by the Sanyojak of Chandigarh Branch. Explaining the importance of the Divine Knowledge, Satguru Mata Ji said that the meaning of Brahmgyan is to live in its light at every moment and this state comes in our life only when it is constant; this leads to liberation in true sense.

But, on the contrary if we live under the influence of Maya (illusions and attachment), then it is not possible to attain the state of bliss and liberation. The real purpose of life is to save ourselves from the influence of Maya and to understand the purpose of life, which is to know God.

In this world, the presence of both Nirankar and Maya remain constant. Therefore, we have to be in devotion by connecting ourselves with Nirankar. Sewa, Simran, Satsang are not mere words in our life or in our check list rather we should stay connected with Nirankar and work for our own welfare.

Satguru Mata Ji explained with an example that in a school, when the students take education and the subject is not understood then, the teachers are there to clarify our doubts. The ones who have clarity in their subject are successful by adopting those teachings in life.

But, some just sit with negative thoughts in their mind and do not even ask their doubts; as a result of which they are not thorough in their subject. In the same way, bliss in life is not possible only by attaining Brahmgyan but, by understanding and imbibing it.

Otherwise, even in the presence of the light of knowledge, he lives a dark life and spends his priceless birth in illusions and superstitions.Mentioning the path of liberation Satguru said that, liberation is attained only by those saints who have truly understood Brahmgyan and adopted it in life.

Everything has importance in life when it is executed wholeheartedly and is not a mere projection. Real devotion is to remain connected with Nirankar Almighty every moment.

In the end, Satguru prayed for the welfare of all so that every devotee lives a happy and blissful life by leading his life with his best behavior and devotion. Taking support of Nirankar everyone’s life should be happy and blissful.



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