Russia recruiting Syrians adept at fighting in urban areas for Ukraine war

New Delhi : Russia is recruiting Syrians for the war in Ukraine, who know how to fight in the urban areas of the city.This was reported by the Wall Street Journal, citing four US officials. It is unknown exactly how many Syrian mercenaries were recruited, but according to the publication, some of them are already in Russia and are preparing to enter the conflict.According to the publication, based in Deir ez-Zor, Syria, Russia offered volunteers from the country from $ 200 to $ 300 to travel to Ukraine, UNIAN reported.

Syrian militants have spent nearly a decade fighting in the urban areas, while Russian forces, mostly military, do not have this skill set, said WSJ expert Jennifer Cafarella, a researcher at the Institute for War Studies in Washington.According to the chairman of the board of the Center for Defense Strategies Andriy Zagorodniuk, in less than 11 days of resistance, the Armed Forces managed to neutralise up to 46,000 Russian occupiers, including the killed, wounded and prisoners.





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