Pakistan has not learnt lessons from 1971 defeat

New Delhi : A large number of Indians believe that Pakistan hasnt learnt any lessons from the humiliating military defeat of 1971, and the troublesome neighbouring nation has become even more dangerous and vengeful towards India in the past 50 years, as per the IANS-CVoter Snap Poll.This was revealed by a nationwide poll conducted on the occasion of 50th anniversary of the Bangladesh Liberation War of 1971. The sample size for the poll was 2,339.As per the snap poll, 35 per cent of the respondents said that Pakistan has become more dangerous and vengeful towards India since the country faced a crushing defeat in 1971, when Indian Army brought Pakistani army to its knees and took 93,000 Pakistani prisoners.As many as 27.7 per cent of the respondents felt that Pakistan has not learnt its lessons from the rout, 21.8 per cent felt otherwise and believe that the country has learned its lessons.

A total of 15.4 per cent of those interviewed said that the country has learnt just a few lessons from its defeat in one of the shortest military conflicts in history, lasting just 13 days.If we look at the political divide, both NDA voters and opposition voters were of the same opinion on this issue.The results of the poll further revealed that a majority of Indians believe that India and Pakistan will continue to have strained relations in the future.In the survey, while 37.1 per cent of the respondents said that they are not at all optimistic about Pakistan having good relations with India in the future, 21.9 per cent said that the relations between the two will actually worsen. Only 22.6 per cent of those who were interviewed expressed optimism about Indo-Pak relations in future.


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