Imran Khan admits failure in bringing about change in Pakistan

New Delhi : Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan has admitted that he could not bring “change” in the country he had promised at the time he came to power, due to “faults” in the system, Dawn news reported.”In the beginning we wanted to bring change immediately through revolutionary steps, but later realised that our system was incapable of absorbing shock,” he said while addressing a ceremony held to award certificates to the top 10 best performing ministries and divisions.The Prime Minister further said the government and ministries had not given the desired results.”The biggest problem is that there has been no connection between the government and the interest of the country,” he added.

“Are our ministries performing how to stabilise the country through increasing exports and how the condition of the people can be improved, how poverty can be eliminated?” he asked.Khan said increasing exports, finding import substitution and alleviating poverty were significant areas of national interest.He stressed the need for putting in place a system of reward and punishment and said that reforms had been made regarding the powers of the National Accountability Bureau that allowed bureaucrats to take initiatives.After the streamlining of NAB, now bureaucrats have no excuse for not “signing pending files”, he added.



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