Earth Day: Dia Mirza’s Climate Action Rainbow

New Delhi : Unlike many who preach but don’t practice, actor and UN Environment’s Goodwill Ambassador for India, Dia Mirza walks the talk. She does not use tissue papers – more trees are cut to make tissue papers; she does not use plastic straws, instead carries a metal straw of her own and composts waste from her house on a daily basis among other things. Ahead of the Earth Day on April 22, the ‘kachrewali of the coop’ (means, person carrying out composting of the wet waste for the whole cooperative housing society) as she calls herself proudly, Mirza shared a simple example of arainbow – seven colours, seven actions’ that anyone and everyone can take. “First, ‘refuse’. Refuse every single-use plastic (SUP). Carry your own bottle, carry your own cutlery. Refuse plastic straws.


Refuse plastic bags by carrying your own cotton bags.” “Second, ‘replace’. Replace CFL bulbs with LEDs and switch to energy efficient technologies. Not to mention, the power of 3Rs – repair, refuse and recycle at home.” “Third, ‘Waste less’. Waste less water, while taking bath, while using the kitchen, everywhere.” “Fourth, ‘Mostly veg diet’. Many would have different views, but it is a powerful choice and even more powerful when you choose to eat seasonal and local fruits and vegetables.” “Fifth, ‘Managing waste @ source’ Compost all your wet waste, all of which can turn into black gold.” “Sixth, ‘Choose sustainable products’. Choosing natural cleaners, soaps etc., chemical free products.” “Seventh, ‘Grow more trees’. I celebrate people’s birthdays and anniversaries by planting trees in their name, thus growing 8,000 trees in the last few years.”


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