Yesha Rughani decodes her role, challenges on ‘Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey’

Mumbai : TV actress Yesha Rughani, who is known for her titular role in the show ‘Muskaan’, will be seen in the upcoming daily soap ‘Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey’.The actress talks about playing a complex character of Gungun Bhatnagar.She says: “Gungun is a character who is very unique, very different and very rare. It’s the most challenging character by far that I am going to play. People like Gungun are often misunderstood. They do not usually seem to be able to get through the layers of this complex personality. Nevertheless, she is a gem of a person with a golden heart. She has her part of struggles and is quite protective of her own feelings which make her a very difficult character to portray. At the same time though, she is somebody who belongs to this generation.”

The 29-year-old actress shares further about the various preparations she has done for essaying this character on-screen.”As I said, the character I play is quite different from the regular ones that we often come across and therefore the way I prepare for it is by trying to find behavioural similarities and ways that I can relate to the character and this is something I do while playing any character. I have personally been an only child and really pampered and so is Gungun, so I try to draw those similarities between me and her. I try to relate her to a few other people that I know in real life and that’s how I prepare myself to be Gungun.”The ‘Hero: Gayab Mode On’ actress recalls shooting in Lucknow for the show.

“We were in Lucknow, shooting a few very interesting scenes. I think shooting outdoors is a different feeling altogether which I really enjoy. Gungun is from Lucknow so it was all the more exciting for me to be there. I was roaming the streets of Lucknow like a ‘Nawab’ so yes, it was all pretty fun to do as it got me closer to my character.”When asked how the audience will relate with the show and what is in store for them, she replies: “There is so much in store! There’s too much love, also love that you feel towards your family and a lot of laughter. The show all in all shouts of happy vibes and no ounce of any negativity. It speaks loudly of the importance of relationships in one’s life and how some people are fortunate enough to have those and those who aren’t, somehow end up meeting nice people along the way anyway which keeps them going. So, people have a lot of family bonding and love to look forward to.”



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