Priya Tandon’s take on her character in ‘Vidrohi’: Grey shades make her real

Mumbai : ‘Saath Nibhaana Saathiya’ actress Priya Tandon talks about playing a prominent role in the historical drama ‘Vidrohi’. She is seen as Amba, a house help for years who is considered an integral part of the family.The actor is enjoying playing the part and she often relates to her on-screen role as well.”Amba caters to all needs of the family members specially Radhamani (Sulagna Panigrahi) who treats her like a younger sister. When around the family, she is sincere and loyal, yet ever vigilant, but when it comes to her child, Hari, she can do anything even if it means destroying the family’s happiness. So, she does have both positive and negative aspects about her. Her grey shades make her real,” she adds.Priya connects to the fact that Amba is strong, confident yet emotional. “I totally relate to this side of her. At the same time Amba does teach me new aspects of life every time.

That’s pretty interesting,” says the actor, adding that the show is unique as it highlights an important history from the pages of the Indian freedom struggle.
She also shares that on set vibes are wonderful. “It feels like I have come to meet my relatives for a festival. Each and every person on the set is there to perform their best and work towards the success of the show,” she adds.Priya takes 40 minutes to get the hair and make-up done. Then there are the tattoos and jewellery that takes some time. “Our costume designer has done a wonderful job and the costumes are well designed and very well fitted. I love the ikkat prints and tribal designs that have been done so accurately,” she shares.The actor is happy with the kind of response her look from the show is receiving, especially for the drapes and her tattoos. She is also being complimented on her performance.”Everyone on the set is determined to make the show look and feel as close to the original time period. Such period pieces are tricky and need to be managed well,” she says.



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