OTT has broadened horizons for actors like never before : Vivek Mushran

Mumbai : Vivek Mushran has talked about the importance of the supporting cast in films and shows.The actor will be playing the role of Yashpal Chaudhary who is Sakshi Tanwar’s on-screen character Sheel’s husband in the web show ‘Mai’.He says OTT has played a major role in changing the scenario especially for supporting actors.Vivek says: “OTT has changed the game. It has opened horizons for artists like never before. Now, directors and screenwriters don’t just emphasise anchoring the story around lead actors, but also use supporting characters to create a compelling backdrop in the process of building the universe and plot.”

“I think credit should also be given to the audience because they truly appreciate a nuanced performance, so our filmmakers are also writing strong, well-etched parts for all the actors because as we all know, stories don’t move on their own, characters take them forward,” he adds.Sharing on how his role adds weight to the story: Vivek says: “On the surface, ‘Yash’ is a grief stricken father who is mourning the loss of his daughter but as the story progresses, one realises that his complexities and the nuances of his personality, actually further deepen the subliminal power of the story’s thematic premise.”‘Mai’ will be streaming from April 15 on Netflix.



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