Loose Tongue: Roshni Sahota is always happy to learn a new language

Mumbai : Actress Roshni Sahota, who has featured in TV shows such as ‘Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki’ and ‘Patiala Babes’, is always happy to learn a new language.She says: “In today’s world, knowing a language is not only beneficial, but necessary for success in life. The ease of travel and the internet have removed the barrier of distance that once kept the communities separate. So I’m always happy to learn a new language.”


As the actress is set to make her Tollywood debut with the upcoming movie ‘O Kala’ has learned Telugu language.She adds: “I’m really happy that now, I can easily understand and speak Telugu now, though it was for my film but now it is benefiting me. I’m now watching popular Telugu movies whenever I’m free and trying to understand the performance and likes of the audience here.”



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