In The Doc: Rohit Purohit on how he got medical terms right for ‘Dhadkan Zindaggi Kii’

Mumbai : Actor Rohit Purohit, who plays the role of Dr Vikrant Saxena in the show ‘Dhadkan Zindaggi Kii’, shares the difficulties he faced in understanding the medical terminologies that are needed for portraying a professional doctor.The show is based on doctors and it’s quite thrilling for an actor to play someone from the medical profession on screen, shares Rohit. “It’s intriguing and thrilling. When I started working on ‘Dhadkan Zindaggi Kii’, it was not easy, unlike some of my earlier shows here things have to be kept quite natural and subtle. It had to look like we’re doctors and not actors who are playing the role of doctors. So, basically it was challenging, medical terms were difficult, also how dealing with a patient needs to look authentic was tough.”

He further says that he finds the title of the show appropriate. “The title, much like the show, is relatable. Since this is a medical drama based on the life of doctors and their struggles, sacrifices and contribution to society, the title goes with the theme.”Rohit briefs about his character in the show, saying: “Vikrant, my character in the show, is that of a very egoistic man. He is in love with doctor Deepika (Additi Gupta) but again he has different demands from life, as his upbringing has taught him that men are superior than women and that men are always a step ahead of women.””Vikrant also goes with the flow of society. He is very ambitious and is one of the top surgeons of the country. His transformation is very interesting,” adds the actor.Rohit adds that he does not relate much to Vikrant. “I have never had this thought that men are superior to women as I’ve seen many strong women in my life, be it my mom, my wife and many others and I know what they can do. But yes, I’m ambitious like Vikrant is,” he concludes.



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