Faisal Khan makes a comeback on TV with ‘Dharmyoddha Garud’

Mumbai: Actor Faisal Khan is all set to make a comeback on the small screen with the show ‘Dharmyoddha Garud’, where he will play ‘Garud’ – the king of birds.Faisal said: “It is a completely new show in terms of concept and story. I don’t think Indian television has seen such a show being made ever before.”The show will also showcase the emotional connect that Garud shares with his mother.”I am extremely excited to be a part of this project because this is something I have never done before. I play a bird, get to showcase my acting skills and will also get to perform stunts. It is very exciting,” reveals Faisal.Faisal’s last outing on Television was Chandragupta Maurya, post which he suffered a major leg injury and had to take time off to recuperate. The actor took his time to get back on his feet and also decided to focus on himself.

Asked Faisal what motivated him to take up this project, he said: “I got shows but had to turn them down due to certain reasons. I believe that somewhere down the line, I was destined to do this. It is very different from my previous work, there is a whole lot to experiment.””Something in this show called out to me and I did not even think too much before saying yes. If not experiment now then when?”Talking about the kind of preparations (physically and mentally) Faisal had to do for the role, he revealed that a lot of physical transformation went into the role.”Garud is known as the God of Birds. And the personna that comes with his name already has a certain visual that people have of him. So, I had to work on my physique a lot. As you know, birds are supposed to be healthy and if they are not, they are unable to fly.”So yes, I underwent a drastic physical preparation so that I look the part of Garud. As far as mental preparation goes, I am taking it one day at a time.

Because it is a mythological show, I did as much research as I could. But with the show’s storyline changing with every episode, it will require me to customize my mental preparation as per what the scenes demand,” he shared.This show is Faisal’s first in the mythological genre and the actor is extremely thrilled about the same.He said: “I have a thing for historical and mythological shows. You get to learn so much from them, you get to enter a different era of time and play a timeless character. This is different from what you would do in daily soaps and in your daily life.”And that is USP of this show. I play a bird, and you’ll get to see me in a very different get up. My look is something new and very amazing and I am sure everyone will love it.”In fact when I was cast, I was wondering how would all of this be executed. But now that we have started shooting, I can say that it is being shot in the most beautiful way possible.”The show is shaping up in an amazing way and I am excited for it to go on-air. We have started shooting and we are having so much fun on the project.”‘Dharmyoddha Garud’ will air on SAB TV.



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