Chandni Sharma decodes her multilayered character in ‘Kaamnaa’

Mumbai : Actress Chandni Sharma, who essays the lead character of Akanksha in the show ‘Kaamnaa’, has been receiving praises for the way her character is evolving in the show. Shedding light on her character transformation, she said: “Playing Akanksha has been one of the challenging experience because her character has seen a drastic transformation right from the start of the show. She is not a negative character rather she is just a women with big dreams and is carried away by the worldly pleasures of life which makes her do things without thinking about the repercussion that comes along with it.” In the show, Akanksha is depicted as a ambitious woman who is right now fighting legal battle with her husband to get the custody of her son. Despite the fact her character is not completely grey, it has got negative shades as well. The actress asserted that she found herself fortunate to get a chance to essay multilayered character on-screen.


“Even with so much going on, she is still this loving mother who really cares for her son and does everything possible to win him back. I may not agree to Akanksha’s character all the time but I am glad to have got a chance to play a character with multiple layers because as actor its helping me understand different nuances of acting. Audience may find Akanksha’s character unfair but if they are do so that means I am doing justice to my character and that makes me really happy,” she added. While sharing about the challenges, she revealed: “When an actor gets into the skin of his character, one starts to relate to the character more and even with characters around them. So, sometime when you have to enact a scene which is intense, it’s emotionally draining and challenging, for me at least. As an actor, I believe keeping our personal bias and feelings aside is important and sticking to the story is essential .” ‘Kaamnaa’ airs on Sony Entertainment Television.



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